How to Find Your Productivity Flow?

In these challenging times you may find it difficult to get things done or even being in a consistent flow.

Perhaps you’ve got your time management down pat but yet dealing with a whole new experience working from home with kids, and spouse at home.

For most of us entrepreneurs, we are working differently and remotely right now. This could be a whole new experience for us.

If you want results. we can’t spend endless time staring at our computer screen, browsing social media or folding the laundry. You need to get your productivity flow going.

Today I will share with you tips and strategies to keep you more productive while working from home.


It’s time to get things done!


It is possible for a person to have an overwhelming number of things to do and still function productively with a clear head and positive sense of relaxed control. This is an elevated level of effectiveness and efficiency.

Chances are you already know how to operate at this high achieving, high preforming state. You now need to apply these skills in a more timely, complete and effective way.


1.Set Clear Boundaries


For many of us work no longer have boundaries. In our 9-5 jobs, we knew what we needed to do at work, we knew when to take a break and we knew what time to clock out.

For entrepreneurs, its different. You know you are doing many different things all at once and playing multiple roles in your business.

You know have additional external and internal commitments, trying to network, building our communities, being visible on social media, not to mention your family and home responsibilities!

Most of us are having serious negative reaction to the overwhelming number of things we have to do.




Focusing on primary outcomes and values is important. Think about your company values, are you fulfilling them?

Is your value to be Productive? Professional, responsible?




Think about the last time you felt productive. You probably had a sense of being in control, you were not stressed out, you were highly focused on what you were doing, time seemed to disappear, and you felt like you were making noticeable progress toward a meaningful outcome. Would you like to have that experience again?

You will need to manage your commitments well and this requires implementation of some basic activities and behaviors:

First, if it’s in your mind, your mind isn’t clear. Anything that is in your mind is considered unfinished and it must be taken out of your mind and stored in a system that you can check regularly and sort through as needed.

Second, you must clarify exactly what your commitment is and decide and what you have to do, if anything to make progress toward fulfilling it.

Third, once you have decided on all actions you need to take, you must keep reminders of them organized in a system you review regularly. 



Now you will move from managing your actions to mastering your productivity workflow. This 5-step approach was coined by the author David Allen.

  1. Capture what has our attention;
  2. Clarify what each item means and what to do about it;
  3. Organize the results;
  4. Reflect;
  5. Engage



Take it out of your head and put it on a notepad, or record a voice note, or email or CRM system. You must open them and empty them regularly.


Is this a message I respond to or delete? Clarify the action that needs to be taken. If no action is required (Immediately), then delete, incubate or reference. If action is required then, do it, delegate it or defer it- (put it on your calendar or next actions)


Create a system to put things in place. This could be a notebook, a spreadsheet, file folders, or a software;


Have weekly reminders where you go back and review your projects to be sure you are on track and up to date


This is an intuitive decision. If there are deadlines that you haven’t met, then decide what is more important. Getting the work done or calling the client to apologize.
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