We are empowered to live our best lives and create businesses that make an impact in the world.



Impact Business Hub is a community of women and women-identified. We are supportive of each other.  We are empowered to live our best lives and create businesses that make an impact in the world.  While we are a women-centric community, we welcome male colleagues, team members, friends, spouse and partners of our members. 

The complex also enjoys extremely good public transport connections: two of the city’s main tram lines (1 and 2) and an underground station are just a five minute walk from the building. The infrastructure around the office building is also very good, with shops and restaurants nearby. The Monaco office building is just five minutes from the popular Brooklyn square and the city’s western rail station.


We are all unique individuals and as such we should all be respected. Impact Business Hub does not tolerate disrespect, name calling, racism, or any other isms in this space. Every single person deserves to be treated respectfully. Likewise, we expect you to also be respectful of the space and amenities.


We are all here to make an impact in our business or social cause, and while we are an awesome community, we need to be mindful of the noise level. Please make phone calls or socialize in the lounge area.


Impact Business Hub is a cool place. But it’s also a professional atmosphere without the dress code. I mean, we are negotiating huge deals, signing contracts, meeting with clients and taking appointments aren’t we? So heck yeah, it’s kinda professional! So let’s abstain from the use of profane language while we are making an impact.


Yes, it’s true…we are an amazing community. Let’s keep it that way. Say hello to a fellow boss woman.  See someone new? Smile and say hello!

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134 Queen Street East, Suite #406
Brampton, Ontario L6V 1B2
Tel: 905-459-9778
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